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Spending lite

A good idea but it really isnt working very well and is miss calculating by not registering the repeat expenses correctly. Please fix.

Good app

Loving it so far, been using it for a couple weeks and its been working great!

Great App!

This is a great app! Not sure whats different about the paid version or the other free one, but this one seems to do everything just fine! Quick and easy to use, I love it :)

No category for mortgage/rent?!

Seems easy to use, but the first expense I wanted to add was my mortgage payment. Theres no category for that anywhere!


It makes u delete the amount and than add the new amount when it should just recalculate when u spend money or add money

Lost all data

I was tracking my expenses daily. And after phone upgrade all my info is gone :(((

Alphabetic update not necessary

Ive been using this awesome app for months so I got the update thinking it would be better, but now its more time consuming and far less efficient to use compared to the previous setup -never had problem with bugs in the past. The Alphabetic update was unnecessary!


Ive downloaded many expense apps and this proves to be the best its quick to adjust and simple! No need to get the paid this is all you need!

Good as trial of full version

Try this before purchasing full version called "Spending." There is enough here to get a feel for design. I used it for 3 months & info transferred into upgrade with ease. I think it is worth upgrade to full because can change your mind on categories etc. Very helpful.

Just what i wanted

I just dont need any categories to assign-giving a brief note for each expense is enough. So, the default category should be "other". By doing so i would spent less time to enter the data.. Apart from that very useful app. Id advice to everyone if you need to track your cash flow..

Get this app

Great application!! A must have.

Lite expense tracker

I used to like this app. It was user friendly. However with the latest upgrade they took out the "car" category and I cant figure out how to choose credit and cash. I hope they fix the categories soon.

Not worth the time.

Maybe if you buy the full version, it might be worth it. Not this one. You only have a VERY limited amount of options to categorize your expenses. I like things labeled and organized and this lite version does not allow that. I wanted to put gas for my car as an expense. Under the "transportation" option, you are limited to taxi, airfare, "metro" (???), and something else. Gas was not an option. And the only bills you can have are electric, gas, water, cable tv, and Internet. Apparently no one on the app store has an IPHONE with a phone bill. I know I dont anyway... What a joke.

Great app

Love this app..its very convenient and user friendly !!!

Not intuitive, not easy to use, functionally ok

Another example of a finance app that simple isnt easy to use. For example, adding a recurring income for a future date was either not possible or not easy to find. Or, when I added a recurring monthly income (with no end date), the yearly view didnt show me the total. Feature-wise, it has most of what is needed and is fairly fast.

Love it!

I just love this app. Its so easy to use and it really helps.

Great app

Have looked for a simple app to track spending finally found it ! Works great And so quick and easy to use.

Just what i needed

I dont have a lot of demands for this app, being a college student, but its got a fast, simple interface, easy data entry, average daily/weekly/etc spending, and doesnt crash.

Help ...

My son delete the app from my phone - is there any way to restore all the data I had on it ? ?????

Almost Perfect

I love this app. I like that it doesnt connect to my bank and its very straight-forward. I just wish it had the ability to change the categories.

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